Our Mission

Experience concerts, theater performances or TV studio shows live from home with friends who are far away!

SocialSTAGE-VR is a research and experimentation platform for the use of virtual reality for the experience of stage events. As a young and creative team of developers and scientists from different companies and research institutions, we are exploring questions together with artists: How will we consume cultural content, such as music and concerts, in the future and how will new interaction technologies blur the lines between social media and artistic content?


There are no ready-made tools and applications for implementing virtual stage events. To create unforgettable experiences, major technical problems have to be overcome. We develop solutions to create virtual event spaces, digitize real locations, transfer real stage performances into virtual environments, and to create our own virtual embodiment as a basis for shared experiences.

Virtual reality enables unprecedented social experiences from home. The feeling of being in a different place and together with other people opens up new participation formats. Virtual reality breaks the physical boundaries of the real world and enables entirely new productions for musical and artistic content.

Research Partners

Associated Partners

SocialSTAGE-VR is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the BMBF research program on Human-Technology Interaction (MTI) „Bringing Technology to People“.


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